Gallant proposes 'aggressive strategy' to recruit more doctors

New Brunswick Liberal Leader Brian Gallant is proposing what he's calling an "aggressive strategy" to recruit more doctors and other health care professionals to the province.

Campaigning in Moncton, Gallant says a re-elected Liberal government would partner with the New Brunswick Medical Society to recruit new doctors and develop better recruitment incentives.

Currently, programs and budgets to recruit doctors are managed by the regional health authorities and the Department of Health.

Gallant says since 2014 his government hired 90 net new doctors and replaced 210 others who retired or left.

Gallant says his government will improve access to primary care for those currently without a family doctor, by hiring more nurse practitioners and increasing the use of advanced care paramedics.

He says if the Liberal government is re-elected on September 24, it would look at a variety of ways to help reduce wait times in New Brunswick.