Gord Downie sculpture unveiled at Halifax City Hall's reconciliation space

A Gord Downie tribute sculpture has been unveiled at Halifax City Hall, in a room that aims to foster conversations about Indigenous history and reconciliation.

The sculpture was created by artist Al Hattie using recycled metals that emulate a microphone stand and Downie's signature hat, complete with feathers.

On a wall behind the sculpture, titled "The Last Show'', is the shadowy profile of the Tragically Hip frontman.

The piece is situated in city hall's Legacy Space, the first municipal building in Canada with a room dedicated to reconciliation.

The concept of legacy rooms is the brainchild of Assembly of First Nations regional Chief Morley Googoo, and he worked with Downie to make it a reality before his 2017 death.

Googoo, who represents Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador, says the sculpture allows the public to participate in reconciliation.