Higgs likely to drop carbon tax court fight plan

Blaine Higgs

The Telegraph-Journal reports Premier Blaine Higgs says the provincial government will likely abandon a plan to fight Ottawa's carbon tax in New Brunswick's court of appeal.

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Ontario sided against the challenge of the federal carbon tax from Doug Ford's government, that argued the federal Liberal price on carbon is unconstitutional and cannot be legally enforced.

The paper reports this is the second court to rule that the federal carbon tax is constitutional, with Saskatchewan issuing a similar ruling earlier this year.

The Premier told Brunswick News on Friday that the province will still likely intervene in a Supreme Court challenge of the ruling, but he likely won't pursue the same fight in New Brunswick's court of appeal.

According to the Telegraph-Journal, the premier had previously promised to mount a fight in the province's top court, while also noting he would watch the outcomes of other court decisions, suggesting the fight doesn't seem worth the cost in the wake of Friday's ruling.

The Supreme Court of Canada will hear Saskatchewan's appeal challenge in December.

Friday's ruling came as Ottawa released their final regulations for the government's carbon tax system, which affects businesses that produce more than 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year.

The paper says the feds still don't know how the money collected from industry will be spent, instead announcing a consultation on the matter.

(With files from the Telegraph-Journal)