Higgs says no progress on carbon tax and other issues after meeting with Trudeau

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs says his latest meeting with the prime minister produced little or no progress on major issues facing his province.

Higgs met with Justin Trudeau on Tuesday in Ottawa, but the premier says there was no movement on the contentious issue of the federal government's carbon tax.

New Brunswick is an intervener in legal challenges launched by Saskatchewan and Ontario and has launched its own legal challenge of the carbon tax.

Higgs says New Brunswick industries aren't getting credit for the work already done to reduce emissions, and the federal backstop, the tax Ottawa will impose in provinces without their own carbon taxes, puts his province at a disadvantage.

He wants it put on hold until at least the conclusion of the court challenges.

Higgs says the federal government has agreed to share some information on negotiations to address softwood lumber tariffs by the United States.