Historic boat to be installed as tourist stop in Shippagan

Bathurst is getting a monument to the Phantom Ship, Shediac has its giant lobster, and now Shippagan is planning a monument to pay tribute to its commercial fishing history.

The Gloucester 30, one of the last remaining boats from the Gloucester fleet, is expected to be installed as part of a planned tourism site near 16th Street near the Shippagan-Lameque bridge.

Other items being considered for the $1.5 million project are a giant crab monument and a sign with the town's name in the style of the famous 'Hollywood' sign.

Shippagan Recreation & Tourism Director Jules Desylva says the site was chosen because it's already frequented by tourists and it offers a beautiful view of the town's fleet of crabbers.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)