Ignoring nursing home workers will not make issues disappear: CUPE

The NB Council of Nursing Home Unions (NBCNHU) is continuing its occupation of the Social Development waiting room and lobby.

CUPE says the sit-in began on Wednesday May 1 at 10:00 a.m. in order to get Social Development Minister Dorothy Shephard's attention on the following issues:
- President of the NBCNHU Sharon Teare wants a meeting with Minister Sheppard, since she has not called nursing home workers since 2018.
- Workers want to see the "new" offer Minister Sheppard said she has produced that is different from the 1% wage deal rejected by workers close to a year ago.

According to a press release this morning, NBCNHU President Sharon Teare says, "we are not doing an occupation to 'settle bargaining dates' ... we are here because you [Minister Sheppard] have avoided us over and over, and we still think a meeting with you could only do good for everyone."

CUPE says government has only negotiated for a total of 128 minutes since March.

In a statement released yesterday, Minister Sheppard says, "I am very disappointed that CUPE has resorted to tactics that have resulted in bullying toward Social Development employees and have interrupted the department's ability to carry out its business."

She adds she's confused at the reasoning behind the tactics, as the mediator has requested both sides return to the table as early as next week.