Immigration and Refugee Board to hear claims in the order in which they're received

The Immigration and Refugee Board appears to be giving up on following regulations dictating that it must hold refugee hearings within a certain time frame.

Meeting the legislated deadlines has increasingly posed a challenge for the independent tribunal, as the number of asylum seekers has risen steadily since 2014.

After running out of internal solutions, the board released a statement yesterday saying it will now hear claims primarily in the order in which they are received.

More than 47-thousand claims for asylum were referred to the board in 2017, a record number, thanks in part to an influx of refugee claimants from the U-S.

As of February 1st, the projected wait time for claims was 20 months.

Regulations laying out time limits to hear asylum claims came into force in 2012 as part of the Harper government's overhaul of Canada's refugee system.