Information on sandbag disposal

The Department of Environment and Local Government issued an information statement on Friday regarding the disposal of sandbags following the flooding from the spring freshet.

The province says sandbags that are believed to be contaminated should be disposed of via garbage pickups or at a regional landfill.

According to the statement, if people choose to make use of the sand, it should not be used in playgrounds, sandboxes or other areas where there might be prolonged direct human exposure.

People are advised to contact one of the department's regional offices for more information if the sandbags are contaminated.

Used sandbags that have been emptied should not be reused and can be disposed of during flood debris pickups or at landfills, while unused empty sandbags should be stored in a dry place, away from the sun and the elements.

The province says if a property owner is unable to remove the sandbags, they should contact the Department of Environment and Local Government at 1-833-824-6113 to make arrangements for their removal and disposal.

For any questions related to the location of remediation sites and proper disposal of flood-damaged items, contact a regional office of the Department of Environment and Local Government"
- Bathurst Region, 506-547-2092
- Miramichi Region - 506-778-6032
- Moncton Region - 506-856-2374
- Saint John Region - 506-658-2558
- Fredericton Region - 506-444-5149
- Grand Falls Region - 506-473-7744