Japanese envoy says signing of new TPP sends message to China on trade rules

Canada and 10 other countries are preparing to sign the rebooted Trans-Pacific Partnership this week, and Japan's envoy says it will help set the stage for closer relations with China.

Kimihiro Ishikan, the Japanese ambassador to Canada, says the group hopes to send a message to an increasingly assertive China that global trade rules are good for everybody.

He tells The Canadian Press that the current deal includes commitments to meeting labour and environmental standards _ part of the so-called progressive trade agenda that Canada is also pursuing in exploratory talks with China.

The envoy says engaging with China is important as ever, and that Japan hopes the People's Republic might one day join the multilateral trade deal.

President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the original TPP last year, but Canada and its Pacific Rim partners have carried on.

Japan and Australia were eager to move forward last fall at an Asian leaders' summit in Danang, Vietnam, but Canada held off, causing anger and some name-calling.