Judge to hear 16 year old Constitutional challenge of Quebec's secession law

(CP) - The constitutional challenge of Quebec's secession law has finally found its way before a judge, after it was launched 16 years ago.

The provincial law was adopted in 2000 by the Parti Quebecois government of the day as a direct response to the federal Clarity Act.

Drafted by the Lucien Bouchard-led P-Q, Bill 99 affirms the legal existence of the Quebec people and their right to self-determination.

The law was meant to counter the Clarity Act, which states that a ``clear majority'' vote on a clear question on secession would be required before any negotiations are held.

Keith Henderson, an English professor and former leader of the now-defunct Equality party, launched the constitutional challenge in 2001.

In 2013, Stephen Harper's Conservative government chimed in, with federal lawyers seeking to have Bill 99 declared invalid.

Monday, March 20th was spent debating whether the court would accept certain documents.