Justin Trudeau set to meet Xi Jinping on second day of China trip

Justin Trudeau meets China's powerful leader, President Xi Jinping, later today on his second full day in China as talks continue to formally kickstart free trade talks.

Trudeau began Tuesday with a roundtable meeting with three dozen Canadian and Chinese business leaders and a session with a group involved in an education project aimed at women in rural China headed by a British Columbia woman.

The main event of Trudeau's day on Tuesday comes when he meets Xi behind closed doors in Beijing before flying south to the city of Guangzhou for the Fortune Global Forum, a major conference of international business leaders.

The meetings follow Trudeau's talks Monday with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing on Monday, where they were not able to announce the start of formal free trade talks.

Trudeau said there wasn't one particular issue that held up the talks, but he wants a progressive trade deal that includes addressing issues such as gender, the environment and labour.

The two countries signed agreements on energy and the environment, agriculture and education that were billed as incrementally moving relations forward as part of their new annual leaders' dialogue.