Lawsuit launched against Gallant government for plans to privatize certain hospital services

The Gallant government is in some hot water over its plan to hand over management of food, environmental, and transportation services within the Vitalite Health Network to a third party company.

On Friday, April 7th Notices of Action and Constitutional Challenge were filed by Egalite Sante en Francais with the province's Attorney General's Office.

President Dr. Hubert Dupuis says the province is destroying Francophone hospitals while undermining the constitutional rights of Francophone and Acadian New Brunswickers.

Dupuis accuses Health Minister Victor Boudreau of failing to respect the network's autonomy or position on the matter.

He says the Vitalite Health Network has proven to the minister, using facts and figures, that he's wrong to impose the changes.


(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)