Liberal MP accuses Tory MP of making humiliating sexual comments

A Quebec Liberal M-P says a Conservative colleague made comments towards her that were ``humiliating'' and ``sexual in nature'' during an event back in May.

Sherry Romanado levelled the accusation yesterday in the House of Commons after question period, even though Manitoba M-P James Bezan had risen in the Commons a few hours earlier to deliver an apology.

In a written statement, Bezan said the incident had been reviewed by the Commons' chief human resources officer, who found it did not constitute sexual harassment and did not recommend any disciplinary action.

Nevertheless, Bezan subsequently apologized in person to Romanado and completed sensitivity training offered by the House of Commons, before apologizing again yesterday in the chamber.

Romanado was peppered with questions from reporters as she emerged from a closed-door committee meeting surrounded by other Liberal M-Ps, but refused further comment.