Liberals seek to change channel from SNC-Lavalin, focus on climate plan

Justin Trudeau is poised to start cranking out the first of the Liberal party's election-year ads.

The prime minister will set the stage for the ad campaign with a ``climate action'' rally in Toronto tonight.

Radio ads will air this week in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, the provinces where Ottawa is imposing a carbon tax after their conservative governments refused to levy their own price on carbon.

The ads feature Trudeau himself stressing that the money raised from the tax will be rebated directly to residents in those provinces.

In a jab at the federal Conservatives and their provincial cousins, he says, ``some politicians want to go back to the Harper years when pollution was free.''

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has warned that the carbon tax will drive up the cost of everything for consumers, but he has yet to unveil his own plan for battling climate change.