Lobster season off to an 'ordinary' start

Some fishermen in Northeastern New Brunswick say it's been a rather 'ordinary' start to this year's lobster season.

The season was to get underway last Tuesday, but was delayed until the weekend due to wind and icy conditions.

Maritime Fishermen's Union president Gaetan Robichaud tells the Acadie-Nouvelle the water's still cold and that landings are expected to increase as it warms up.

As for the price harvesters are being paid for their catch, Robichaud expects it will be at least equal to or better than it was last year, noting prices should stabilize in the coming weeks.

Officials will discuss extending the season at a later date to make up for its late start.

Meanwhile, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has agreed to relax certain restrictions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence aimed at protecting the critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)