M.M.I.W.G. commissioner: there's more than one type of genocide

The chief commissioner of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls says it's unfortunate when a political leader rejects a finding of a 30-month cross-country inquiry.

Marion Buller made the remarks in Vancouver after Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said yesterday that genocide isn't the right word to describe what's happened to generations of Indigenous women and girls in Canada.

But Buller says there is more than one type of genocide and it's, ``pretty obvious'' that the tragedies amount to one.

She says the type of genocide that's talked about in the report is generations of underfunding, marginalization, child apprehensions and relocations of communities without consent.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not directly answered questions about whether he agrees with the inquiry's finding, but has said he accepts it.

Buller says she welcomes the national discussion about the term and thinks once people get over the shock of the word, Canada will move on and focus more on the inquiries 231 calls for justice.