M.P. says she'll fight to clear sexual misconduct allegations

New Democrat MP Christine Moore says she will fight to clear her name after being accused of sexual misconduct by a former soldier she says she had a romantic, consensual relationship with in 2013.

At news conference yesterday, a visibly weary Moore said retired corporal Glen Kirkland's allegations have had a ``terrible impact'' on her friends, family and her health, saying she needs to stop crying and just live her family.

Kirkland has denied that they were in a relationship and accused Moore of abusing her power as an MP to pursue an inappropriate relationship with him, though Moore says she has proof to back up her version of the story.

Moore has been suspended from her caucus duties pending an investigation and said she plans to sue Kirkland and several columnists who reported on his comments for defamation.

Kirkland tells The Canadian Press he is willing to take a lie-detector test.