Major New Brunswick parties fall short on gender parity for candidates

A record number of women are running in the New Brunswick provincial election, but it's still well shy of 50 per cent, especially with the front-running parties.

Nine-three of 241 candidates in the 49 ridings are female.

Only the New Democrats and Green parties hit the 50-per-cent mark for women candidates, while the Liberals are at 39 per cent and the Tories at 29 per cent.

Premier Brian Gallant says his party did get to 50 per cent in ridings without incumbent candidates.

He says the party will get to 50 per cent overall for female candidates, but it will take time.

Donald Wright, a political scientist at the University of New Brunswick, says in general politics is unattractive and full of insults, negativity, and confrontation, making it hard to attract more women.

Susan Holt, a Liberal candidate in Fredericton, says she's often asked about her hairstyle, age and weight, and doubts her male colleagues face the same scrutiny.