Manufacturers scramble for a piece of trike market

A growing wave of baby boomers has traded in motorbikes for their more stable, three-wheeled cousin in a trend that has got manufacturers scrambling to hop aboard.

The three-wheeled motorcycle was once just an industry sidecar, but it's making up a growing portion of sales.

The Transport Ministry says the number of three-wheeled vehicles registered in Quebec rose 60 per cent to more than 15-thousand between 2014 and 2017.

Motorcycles grew 17 per cent to just over 185-thousand in the same period.

The rest of the country has been slower to adopt, but producers have their eyes on sunnier climes than Canada.

Companies such as Quebec-based BRP and Campagna Motors are looking to expand in the US as well as Australia, Japan and Europe.

BRP chief executive Jose Boisjoli says his company's three-wheeled offering attracts a slightly older customer, with the average buyer being 62 years old.

Enthusiasts say three-wheelers offer the exhilaration of a standard motorcycle but without the physical strain that comes with it.