Maple syrup & craft beer sectors team up to promote industries and create products

A new campaign is pairing two seemingly unlikely partners – New Brunswick's maple syrup industry with its growing craft beer industry.

The two sectors are creating Sticky Season, a campaign encouraging people to explore participating sugar bushes, or enjoy a maple beer at participating craft breweries.

A total of 13 craft breweries and distilleries have teamed up with six maple syrup producers to create the product and to promote each sector.

Louise Poitras, executive director of the New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association, is pleased with the new campaign.

"Agri-tourism is the fastest-growing segment in the travel industry, and this provincewide initiative is a great example of where the provincial government creates an opportunity and partnerships come together," Poitras said in a news release. "New Brunswickers and tourists want to have more of a connection with their food. It is all about a truly authentic and unique tasting experience."

The province says New Brunswick is one of the world's top maple syrup producers.

While microbrewery products account for about three per cent of the provincial beer market, the province's craft microbreweries are capable of meeting up to 30 per cent of demand.

A list of the paired craft breweries and maple syrup producers is available online.