Mayor of NL town wants oil leaking from decaying whaling ships removed from water


Conception Harbour Mayor Craig Williams is calling on the Canadian Coast Guard to remove oil from three abandoned whaling ships that is leaking into the water around his town.

Williams said today he's seen more oil sheens this summer than in past years and the smell of oil sometimes wafts to the shore, where people take photos of the famous wreckage.
The three ships were abandoned at a Conception Harbour wharf in the late 1960s and since then two of the vessels have submerged.
The wreck site is a major attraction, bringing divers and photographers to the town, located about an hour's drive west of St. 

Tourists are particularly fond of snapping pictures of the SS Charcot, which is partially sunken and juts out of the water, offering people a stunning visual.

Williams says leakage from the ships is more noticeable during the summer, when the water is warmer and calmer. 

He said patches of oil can be seen on the rocks.
The Canadian Coast Guard has placed a containment boom around the site of the leakage and said in a statement any future underwater work will be restricted because of the state of the wrecks' decay.