Mixed softball league requests favourable field rental rates from city

As the Bathurst Mixed Slowpitch Softball League continues to expand, president Mike Goyette is asking council to help keep it one of the lowest costing-sports leagues in the region and ensure its viability for years to come.  

The league has grown to 16 teams, boasting approximately 260 players, and Goyette is asking the city for "favourable rates" to avoid an increase to registration fees as it seeks more field time.  

With two new teams there are 176 games proposed this season, up from last year's 133.

Goyette says receiving a rental deal would equate to an in-kind sponsorship from the city in the range of $900 to $1,000.

Meanwhile, Goyette says many of the league's games take place at the ESN and Place-des-Jeunes ball fields in the evening and that something needs to be done about the lights.

He says some players complain lights at the ESN field aren't bright enough and is suggesting council have them replaced with brighter halogen lights, similar to those at the Place-des-Jeunes field.

Goyette is also asking that gates to the fields be widened to improved accessibility and that terrain be levelled for safety purposes.

He would also like to see more ball fields built in Bathurst which would allow the league to attract and host tournaments.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie says council will discuss the league's request.