Much work left to do as first round of NAFTA talks wrap up, says Canada, U-S, and Mexico

Negotiations on changing the North American Free Trade Deal move on to Mexico next month after the first round wrapped up in the U-S on the weekend.

 A statement from Canada, the U-S and Mexico noted there is considerable work that must be done, but that the three countries are committed to speedy negotiations.

The initial round of talks was heavy on introductory sessions and schedule-setting.

But it also touched substantive issues that revealed possible irritants ahead, including auto-parts rules, cutting edge pharmaceuticals, and labour.

The next talks will be held in Mexico City starting September 1st, while round three moves to Canada later next month.

The countries hope to wrap up a trade deal within a few months, before the Mexican election heats up next spring -- because otherwise talks could drag out another year, past the U-S mid-term congressional elections, and into 2019.