N.B. government tight-lipped on cannabis supply deals

The provincial government is being tight-lipped about how it chose three companies, including one in Atholville, to supply its Cannabis New Brunswick stores with millions of dollars worth of cannabis products.

The three separate memorandums of understanding will see Organigram Inc., Canopy Growth Corp. and Zenabis supply a total of 14,000 kilograms of product.

Finance Minister Cathy Rogers says making the agreements public would be an 'unreasonable invasion of third parties' privacy', hurt the companies' competitive position, and violate confidentiality agreements.

She adds the province was not legally required to go through a tendering process either, but says once the regulated market matures, the government may decide to secure its supply thorough a different process.

Rogers says the agreements are not contracts, that no money has been exchanged, and are meant to secure a safe supply of cannabis products once federal regulations take effect this summer.

(with files from the Times & Transcript)