N.B. health critic takes aim at Gallant government over nursing exams

New Brunswick's Opposition health critic says the Gallant government had more than three years to help nursing students and failed.

Last month the province's official languages commissioner found that Francophone nursing students were at a disadvantage because of translation problems with an exam they're required to write before entering the field.

Brian Macdonald says something is very wrong when New Brunswick graduates are experiencing the highest failure rates in the country, and that it only serves to worsen the already severe nursing shortage in the province.

Three years ago, Macdonald says, the New Brunswick Nurses Union warned the province was on the cusp of a severe nursing shortage which would impact hospitals, nursing, homes, and the Extra Mural program.

Macdonald says New Brunswickers needing health care are the ones who will suffer due to the government's failure to act despite three years of clear warning signs.