N.B. students lag behind Canadian counterparts for literacy

Grade 8 students in New Brunswick are lagging behind their counterparts in other provinces when it comes to reading.

Results  from the Canadian Literacy, Math, and Science Assessment suggest almost one in five students, or 18 per cent, failed to complete Level 2 literacy, the level students are expected to achieve by that age.

That's well below the 12 per cent Canadian average with New Brunswick scoring the lowest rate in country for students reaching Level 3.

Figures for Francophone students are even more dire with 23 per cent not reaching Level 2 and only 4 per cent achieving level three.

Though the numbers are less-than-stellar, New Brunswick Francophone Teachers Association's Lucie Martin says teachers have been seeing steady progress over the past few decades.

New Brunswick's Department of Education and Early Childhood Development meanwhile, says there's still lots to be done to ensure students succeed and that it believes it's on the right track with its 10 year Education Plan.

New Brunswick's students faired well in math and science though.

Students were slightly behind the national average in math scoring 498 points, up from 478 in 2010.

In science, students missed the Canadian average of 500 points by a just eight points.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)