N.B. withheld welfare from mother who refuses to name kids' father: Green leader

The New Brunswick government is being accused of withholding social assistance benefits from a woman who refuses to divulge the name of her children's father.

David Coon, leader of the provincial Green party, says he is appalled the Social Development Department is invading the privacy of single mothers.

Coon says he understands departmental officials are required to assess financial need, but he insisted that can be done without demanding the name of a previous partner.

The department has said it can't comment on specific cases because of privacy concerns.

Spokeswoman Anne Mooers issued an email confirming staff ask questions regarding financial need, but she did not address Coon's complaint.

Coon says the woman in question, a constituent in his Fredericton riding, is now receiving emergency funding, but he says the problem won't be solved until the rules are changed.