NAFTA deal 'not close at all': Union leader Jerry Dias, from Washington talks

A Canadian union leader says talk of an impending NAFTA deal is overblown.

Jerry Dias is in Washington, where officials are negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The Unifor boss says he's been in contact with the Canadian team and says a deal isn't close.

There had been some hope of the country leaders announcing an agreement-in-principle this week. The ministers leading the talks are expected to meet at the Summit of the Americas in Peru.

Mexico's minister says the chances of an agreement this month are 80 per cent.

But Dias says promising a deal under these circumstances is premature. Sources confirm that several major issues are far from being resolved, with autos being the main focus of talks so far.

Dias jokes that it's like moving into a house, and agreeing to settle on the price later.