NB Power receives North American customer engagement award for efficiency

NB Power was awarded the Consumer Engagement Best Practices Award on Monday at the 2019 Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative Symposium.

The province says the award recognized the company's revitalization of its energy efficiency portfolio over the past year with a focus achieving high customer engagement.

The symposium recognizes energy providers within North America for their leadership in consumer energy engagement and education.

Gaëtan Thomas, President and CEO of NB Power says the award is a direct reflection of the positive changes New Brunswickers are making to save energy, with homeowners and businesses across the province saving better than 228,830 gigajoules in 2018, or $9.5 million in energy savings.

The province says NB Power has launched several new efficiency programs since 2017, including the Total Home Energy Savings Program, The New Home Energy Savings Program and the Small Business Lighting Program.

The launch of these customer-centric programs, coupled with refreshed and increased marketing of the other new and existing, residential, commercial and industrial programs increased overall awareness of NB Power's programs from 45 per cent in 2017 to 61 per cent last year.