NB's Liberals announce referendum on electoral reform in 2020

The Gallant Liberals say New Brunswickers will vote on weather they want to choose their government by preferential ballot in a referendum in 2020.

The province officially responded to recommendations made by New Brunswick's Commission on Electoral Reform on Thursday, March 23rd.

Premier Brian Gallant says the province will also move the fixed election date to the third Monday in October from the fourth Monday in September after the next election.

The province says New Brunswickers will have their say on lowering the voting age to 16 from 18 as well and that electronic voting is a "no-go", at least for now.

But the Tories says the move is nothing more than an election promise as the next provincial election is scheduled to take place before the referendum and that they're concerned other parties aren't getting a say on electoral reform.

Green Party leader David Coon, meanwhile, is disappointed in the ballot's limited choices.  

Coon says letting New Brunswickers choose between preferential ballot, proportional representation along with the the status quo of first past the post would be the democratic thing to do.

(with files from the Telegraph-Journal)