NBCNHU responds to temporary stay order

The New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions (NBCNHU) has responded to the temporary stay order granted by the Court of Queen's Bench, saying the government has used a procedural backdoor tactic to deny the worker's recognized right to strike.

In a press release, the union says while nursing home workers sat at the bargaining table waiting for the Employer to come back to the table, the provincial government was sneaking around in the shadows to obtain a 10-day stay from the Chief Justice.

Sharon Teare, President of the NBCNHU says, "[Social Development Minister] Sheppard didn't even have the decency to reach out to us before holding her press conference on the Court order [yesterday]. The workers' negotiators have said over and over that we were available to meet 24/7, but since coming to power, Sheppard has never called us," 

According to the press release, the stay order is much more severe than the Minister let on, and makes any strike action taken by any local illegal, and leaves the local open to contempt of court charges, which the union calls undemocratic and heavy-handed.

Teare said, "collective bargaining is a constitutionally recognized right, yet, this government is using all it can to stop it."

NBCNHU members voted on Thursday to take legal strike action over wages and staffing levels and have been without a contract for 28 months.