Neighbourhood watch group calling for increased police presence in East Bathurst

A group of East Bathurst citizens is calling for an increased police presence in their part of the city after dealing with several break & enters, thefts, and vandalism over the past two-and-a-half years.

The neighbourhood watch group has taken matters into their own hands and have organized citizen patrols in an effort to protect residents and be the eyes and ears of police.

Group's Denis Savoie says residents are fed up and that crime in the eastern part of the city is on the rise.

Savoie notes thieves have struck his property at least three times and that several residents and businesses are in the same boat.

He says citizens aren't asking for patrols every few hours, but for an actual increased police presence in that part of the city.

Meanwhile, Bathurst mayor Paolo Fongemie tells Radio-Canada he believes the local police force has the right tools to keep on top of crime in the city.

But Fongemie says the lines of communication between citizens and police can be improved.

We've reached out to the Bathurst Police Force for comment.