New Brunswick botanical garden to add unique insect exhibit

The federal government is providing a contribution of $22,500 to the New Brunswick Botanical Garden towards the addition of a new insect exhibit.

René Arseneault, Member of Parliament for Madawaska-Restigouche, and André Leclerc, President of the New Brunswick Botanical Garden, made the announcement Wednesday.

In a press release, Ottawa says the New Brunswick Botanical Garden is dedicated to promoting the natural sciences, sharing its collection with the public, and the conservation of indigenous flora, while the new exhibit of unique stick insects will help the Garden distinguish itself as a top tourist attraction.

André Leclerc, President, New Brunswick Botanical Garden Society, Inc., says "The exhibit will feature insects from the Phasmatodea order - also known as stick bugs. These insects are camouflage experts, able to take on the appearance of leaves and branches. They are intriguing and mysterious, and will be sure to charm children and adults alike."  

According to the press release, the introduction of the new exhibit will position the Garden to grow its popularity as an important tourism destination, and continue attracting visitors to Northwester New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Botanical Garden includes twelve thematic gardens ranging over eight hectares along the Madawaska River.