New Brunswick politician testifies at Dennis Oland's murder trial

A New Brunswick politician who may have caught a fleeting glimpse of Richard Oland's killer on July 6, 2011, has told a court there's little he recalls from the night of the murder.

Testifying at Dennis Oland's murder trial in Saint John, Liberal member of the legislature Gerry Lowe says he's racked his brains trying to recall exactly what he saw eight years ago.

Lowe was the first witness for the defence as Dennis Oland's trial moves into its final stages.

Dennis Oland is charged with the second-degree murder of his wealthy businessman father, Richard.

Lowe says that while he cannot recall for sure what night it was or what the time was, he insists that he saw a man come out the door from Richard Oland's office

The court already knows from video shown earlier at the trial that Lowe was across the street at Thandi's restaurant on the night Richard Oland was killed.