New Brunswick's premier hoping to resurrect Energy East pipeline project

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is hoping to generate national interest to revive the Energy East pipeline, even though the original proponent says the project is dead.

Higgs, as well as some other premiers and federal politicians, are again talking about the proposed pipeline as a way to get more western crude to refineries in Eastern Canada and for export to foreign markets.

He says he recognizes Quebec could still be a hurdle, and he plans to discuss the project with Premier Francois Legault this week at a first ministers meeting in Montreal.

But the biggest hurdle may be getting pipeline company TransCanada interested again.

It abandoned the 15.7 billion dollar project more than a year ago after the National Energy Board modified the environmental assessment process.

However, Higgs says he believes if a holding company was formed that applied to the N-E-B and got the process underway, TransCanada might get back onboard.

Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer has said a Conservative government would seek to revive the project.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says restarting Energy East makes a lot of sense in getting more Canadian oil to tidewater.

She says it's perverse that oil in Alberta is selling for 10 dollars a barrel while eastern Canada is importing from places like Saudi Arabia.