New Brunswick's transport minister fields calls from drivers upset over road conditions

Transportation Minister Bill Fraser worked the phones yesterday, and got an earful about the poor shape of roads in New Brunswick.

Upset drivers got a chance to voice their concerns directly to the province's Transportation Minister and Fraser tells CTV News he understands their frustrations and that's why he took the calls at the department.

Fraser says there has been no reduction in the amount of salt being put on roads.

He says the region has experienced some extreme weather conditions and operators have full responsibility to apply as much salt and sand as they need, or see fit, to make roads safe.

CUPE New Brunswick wants an overhaul of the department.

The union's Simon Outlette says plows can't hit the roads between 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. because they don't have transition teams, thanks to cuts.

CUPE highway workers, school bus drivers and paramedics will hold a news conference Wednesday.

Fraser said he'll be there too.

(with files from CTV News)