New Brunswick village inundated with calls after offering land for a loonie

The mayor of a small New Brunswick village says the community has been inundated with calls and emails after it offered to sell plots of land for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Ken Stannix says McAdam, population 1,225, has seen a small population boost in recent years, but he hopes that selling empty plots of land for $1 each will further bolster the numbers.

The town announced in November that it would offer the deal on 16 plots of land, and since then, more than 600 interested buyers have contacted them.

Stannix says the town is focused on attracting buyers who would like to build houses and spend their lives in the village instead of developers looking to build properties and sell them.

He says the pool of applicants has been narrowed down to 86 people, 11 of whom have already been selected as suitable buyers.

McAdam, about an hour's drive southwest of Fredericton, is home to a historic railway station, a lakeside campground, local businesses and two manufacturing plants.