New regimental colours to be consecrated during commemoration of 75th anniversary of D-Day landing

It will be a very special ceremony when Bathurst commemorates the 75th anniversary of 'D-Day' later this month.

In addition to recognizing the critical role that the legendary North Shore Regiment played in the Second World War operation, the regiment's new 'colours' with battle honours will be unveiled and consecrated.

Lt. Col. Renald Dufour says the new colours,  reaffirm the unit's loyalty to both service and the Crown.

North Shore Regiment Association president Graham Wiseman says colours represent the heart and soul of the veterans who made that ultimate sacrifice while serving their country.

Bathurst mayor Paolo Fongemie says next week's ceremony will honour those who fought and died for liberty overseas, and a way to share their stories with the younger generation.


Meanwhile several students from both the Anglophone North and the Francophone Northeast school districts will travel to France on May 30th to learn about, and mark the anniversary of the historic landing.

Grade 12 BHS student Sebastien Denamur says he's looking forward to seeing where Canada's soldiers fought for freedom.

Denamur says youth need to realize the sacrifices made by veterans so they can have the freedoms they enjoy today.

While today's youth is aware of what went on in Europe during the war, he says they don't give the gratitude that they could.

The special ceremony commemorating the D-Day landing is scheduled for Sunday, May 19th at the KC Irving Centre.