New traffic patterns for downtown Bathurst intersection take effect

The City of Bathurst says a change to traffic patterns at a downtown intersection is in effect.

Traffic lights at the intersection of Douglas Ave. and Main Street have now switched over to a two-way green system with protected left turns eliminated.

New signs have been installed in an effort advise motorists of the change which went into effect last Friday.

Bathurst's Corporate Communications Manager, Luc Foulem, tells the Max 104.9 news room the lights will revert to flashing red during the evenings and overnight.

Foulem says traffic lights at the Main St./King Ave. intersection are expected to switch over within the next few days.  

That intersection will operate in a similar way to the Douglas Ave./Main St. intersection.  

The updated traffic patterns come following an engineering study which resulted in recommendations for changes to the intersections.

The city has said the design aims to improve traffic flow and alleviate congestion.

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