News from the New Brunswick campaign trail

The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is applauding the incumbent Liberal's vow to impose pay equity on the province's large businesses if re-elected.

The coalition says they have been advocating for pay equity in the province for 30 years and welcome the Liberal pledge, announced Wednesday.

The Liberals say the new pay equity measures would apply to government and other public sector groups by 2020, and to private firms with more than 50 employees by 2022.

The 2020 deadline would apply to quasi-public organizations, like universities and nursing homes.


The New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives are taking aim at Liberal Premier Brian Gallant's track record on job creation.

Tory candidate Dominic Cardy says 5,800 private sector jobs have been lost over the last four years.

He says jobs are one of the most talked about subjects on doorsteps, and his party vows to create jobs if elected Sept. 24.


The New Brunswick Women's Council is set to hold a forum with the party leaders.

The council says it will be the first time in New Brunswick's history that the leaders have participated in an event solely focused on discussing issues affecting women's equality.

The forum will be held on Monday in Fredericton and Nadine Duguay-Lemay, CEO of Dialogue New Brunswick, will facilitate the discussion.

The party leaders will be asked five questions, and will have an opportunity to make opening and closing statements.