No dye needed: How an N.B. chicken farm makes blue, green, pink, and yellow eggs

Kyrie Ann Neves's chicken eggs may look a little different from the ones you might buy at the supermarket.

That's because her eggs come in pastel shades of blue, green, pink and yellow: all without the help of food colouring.

Neves and her mother have been operating a farm out of Welsford, N.B., for the last two years with around 300 chickens, about a third of which are "Easter Eggers," a name given to hens that lay colourful eggs.

These "Easter Eggers" are the result of carefully crossbreeding Ameraucanas, a type of blue-egg-laying chicken, with Araucanas, a type of Chilean chicken that lays bluish-green eggs.

Neves says the resulting hybrid can produce eggs in "a kaleidoscope of colours," with some even laying pink or yellow eggs, which are not laid by either of the original birds.

Baskets of the green and blue eggs won Neves two ribbons at the Saint John Exhibition late last month.