No further action against former prison guards cleared of manslaughter


Public Prosecutions Services has issued a statement that no further action will be taken after two Dorchester Penitentiary Correctional Officers charged in the 2015 death of inmate Matthew Hines were both discharged.

Alvida Ross and Mathieu Bourgoin were cleared on charges of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death by a provincial court judge on April 5th following a preliminary hearing.

Matthew Hines died on May 27, 2015 while an inmate at the Dorchester Penitentiary, with Ross and Bourgoin employed as prison guards.

Public Prosecutions Services says it considered filing an application for judicial review of the decision or filing a direct indictment, but ultimately decided against both courses of action "after an extensive and careful review".

A successful application for judicial review would not result in a trial, but an order that the preliminary hearing judge reconsider the matter.

The consent of the attorney general is required for a direct indictment and sends the matter directly to trial, but the prosecution team first has to determine if there's still a reasonable prospect of conviction.