Nunavut turns 20 years old

Fireworks will flare over the sea ice off Nunavut's capital of Iqaluit tonight as the territory marks the 20th anniversary of its birth.

Premier Joe Savikataaq says the territory has come a long way and enjoys Canada's fastest-growing economy, powered by new and expanding mines.

Others point to a long list of public works that are beginning to open up the region: new ports, airports, health facilities and research centres.

But some say the new wealth isn't being distributed equally, which is creating steep income disparities between Inuit.

Still others point to the territory's long list of unresolved social problems _ from poor health to suicide rates to overcrowded homes.

They say Inuit might be better served by a self-government deal with Ottawa.

Savikataaq says residents want to get on with the work of building Nunavut.

He says Inuit are eager to catch up with development in southern Canada.