Opposition calls for resignation of Cabinet Ministers over Atcon fiasco

The leader of New Brunswick's People's Alliance is calling for the resignation of Cabinet Ministers who were members of Shawn Graham's Liberal government when tens-of-millions of dollars in loan guarantees were given to a Miramichi-based construction company.

Bathurst-West-Bersford MLA Brian Kenny and Nepisiguit-East-Saint-Isidore MLA Denis Landry were both Cabinet Ministers when Atcon received more than $63 million in loan guarantees before it went belly-up.

Last week the province's Auditor General released her second report into the fiasco, suggesting Atcon was poorly managed and used questionable accounting practices.

Green Party leader David Coon, meanwhile, says New Brunswickers are angry over a lack of accountability and consequences for poor decisions.

We've reached out to Kenny and Landry for comment.

(with files from CBC)