Organizers pull plug on new rock music festival

Organizers have pulled the plug on a rock music festival planned for Nigadoo this summer.

RockFest du Nord-Est's Nicholas Melanson says organizers cancelled the event after fundraising efforts came up short.

Melanson says all the acts have been cancelled and that any money collected will be returned to sponsors.

Meanwhile, Nigadoo mayor Charles Doucet tells the Northern Light the organizing committee was given a checklist of requirements in order to hold such an event in the village but that it was never completed.

Though disappointed the event has been cancelled, Doucet says it's important that proper procedures are followed.

Melanson says organizers will consider a smaller scale event for 2020 as well as other possible locations.

RockFest due Nort-Est had been slated to run August 2nd to 5th.

(with files from the Northern Light)