Organizers searching for new spot for hockey camp after Belledune council votes to keep rink closed

A decision by Belledune council to the village's arena closed for the summer has left organizers of an annual hockey camp trying to find a new location.

The Northern Moose V-Reds Prospect Camp was scheduled to begin in Belledune in mid-July, however councillors voted to keep the facility closed due to costs.

Northern Moose head coach Charles LeBlanc tells the Northern Light that not holding the camp in Belledune is a 'big disappointment' noting the event had already been advertised and the team wanted to remain loyal to the village because of its support last year.

As of last week, LeBlanc says, 42 players had already registered for the camp.

Mayor Joe Noel says council never passed a motion to official book the team's ice team and the rink.

(with files from the Northern Light)