Ottawa and New Brunswick helping Sussex company grow


The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is helping Mrs. Dunster's (1996) Inc. buy new equipment and add key positions.

A release says Ottawa is giving $200,000 of non-repayable funding and a repayable contribution of $84,500 so the company can automate its donut production line and optimise its garlic cheese bun production.

"This funding will help us renew and improve the marina's infrastructure, thus contributing to our sustainability, while enhancing our presence as a regional recreation area and coastal tourism destination. This will benefit numerous business operators and help us contribute to attracting more tourists to our area for longer stays, giving our region a chance to showcase everything it has to offer.", says Rosalyn Hyslop, Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Mrs. Dunsters (1996) Inc.

The province of New Brunswick is kicking in $33,800 towards the purchase of the equipment needed for the garlic cheese bun production project.

On top of the equipment, the company will create 24 new positions, including Director of Human Resources and Director of Process Management with Ottawa support.

$100,000 and Ottawa's repayable contribution will come from the ACOA's Regional Economic Growth through Innovation Program, while the other $100,000 is being invested through the government's Women Entrepreneurship Fund.