Ottawa moves to lift alcohol trade restrictions, urges provinces to do the same

The federal government has introduced legislation to remove a final federal barrier to the easier flow of beer, wine and spirits across provincial and territorial boundaries.

But Internal Trade Minister Dominic Leblanc now says it is up to provinces and territories to do some heavy lifting and make their own changes.

LeBlanc says Canadians have been frustrated by provincial and territorial trade restrictions for too long.

He has proposed changes to the federal Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act that would aid lower levels of government in lifting those restrictions on the sale of Canadian beer, wine and spirits between provinces and territories.

Andrea Stairs, who manages e-Bay in Canada and Latin America, welcomes the federal move.

The country's premiers last summer announced an agreement in principle to lift limits on how much alcohol residents can buy for personal consumption and transport across boundaries.

Alberta and Manitoba have eliminated cross-border alcohol sales limits entirely.