Ottawa opposes Saskatchewan's move to have top court delay carbon tax case

Carbon emissions

Ottawa is pushing back against Saskatchewan's request to have the Supreme Court of Canada delay hearing its challenge of the federal carbon tax.

The press secretary for federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna calls Saskatchewan's move an irresponsible example of Conservative politicians battling climate action using taxpayers' money.

Sabrina Kim says the federal government has submitted arguments as to why the case should be heard in a timely manner, including that it creates certainty for businesses and families.

Saskatchewan recently applied to have the top court push back its December hearing in order to better co-ordinate its challenge with ones from other provinces.

Saskatchewan appealed to the highest court after its Appeal Court ruled in a split decision in May that the tax is constitutional.

This week, Saskatchewan hosted a meeting with justice ministers from Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario to discuss ways to strategize their legal arguments against the tax.