Ottawa's single-use plastics ban likely won't apply to plastic bottles for water, soda

A national ban on the most harmful single-use plastics will likely not apply to plastic bottles for water and soda, as they are more likely to be improved rather than phased out.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday that his government is starting the regulatory work to ban toxic single-use plastics because the garbage infiltrating the world's waterways is out of hand.

The process to implement a federal ban or limitations on a product under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act usually takes two to four years.

The goal is to make decisions on everything on the list by 2021.

The process includes an assessment of each product, a proposed regulation, a public comment period, and then the final decision by cabinet.

Trudeau says Canada's plan will ``closely mirror'' that of Europe, which has not banned plastic bottles.

Instead of an outright ban, the EU will require them to contain a minimum of 30 per cent recycled material by 2030, and a collection rate for recycling or reuse of 90 per cent by 2029.